Bettering Youth Organization, Inc

About Us

Executive Summary

Bettering Youth Organization, Inc (BYO) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization formed to provide unique, meaningful programs and activities to harness the knowledge, skills and education that adolescents embody to provide an open space to teach and learn from each other.  BYO will help to restore the true concept of "one family, on community"- being the necessary bridge and foundation to encourage, empower and educate individuals on being contributory members to society and achieving their individual goals.

The President & Founder

Norris Hildreth Sr., a positive leader in the community of Chicago used baseball creatively to attract youth while developing a great program for kids in the community.  After hard work and perseverance, he created a baseball based organization called Bettering Youth Organization Inc. Norris Hildreth Sr. 37, has been a resident of the Back of the Yards neighborhood all his life. He dedicates most of his free time to the community and youth.  His greatest influences were his parents and grandfather who inspired him to give back to the community.  He grew up thinking that he wanted to help the youth by teaching them a sport he was fascinated with during his younger years.  He feels proud because he is building a better neighbor hood through his organization which allows for children, parents, and other youth to come together.  He gains alot of satisfaction from this program and enjoys seeing kids come together to play and use their time wisely.  Bettering Youth Organization is only the beginning of new projects to come.  This organization needs more sponsors in order to bring in more activities as football, basketball and volleyball.  Mr. Hildreth is a great leader for organizing a program that will help the youth stay off the streets and better themselves.  This program offers scholarships, allows youth to play something they deeply enjoy, and teaches youth about becoming leaders and these types of programs help capture the characteristics of a leader.  "It starts with a helping hand, then children will follow what they know is right. This program will transform generations and the next generation will have leaders to look up to." said Mr. Hildreth